MicroTech EFI

Microtech MT4/LT4 Engine Management Systems

The LT4 is a FUEL ONLY ecu and will not control ignition. It is designed for use on engines with stand alone ignition systems or as a piggy back system that just controls fuel delivery on cars that still retain the stock fuel/ignition ECU but with the stock injector outputs disabled.

Microtech LT10s Engine Management Systems

The LT10S ECU is essentially an LT8 ECU in every aspect BUT it has 1 extra auxiliary input wire and 3 auxiliary outputs in total. These Aux outs are set up standard as stepper motor control, one switched output via RPM and one switched output via water temp (Eg FAN control). The unit also has a built in ignition amplifier on board. It is commonly used for 4 cyl and twin rotor applications. This unit is now the size of our MT4 unit. We believe its physically the smallest ECU on the market that controls fuel and ignition

Microtech LT12s/LTX12s Engine Management Systems

The LT12S is the latest 6 injector driver, 6 ignition driver ECU from Microtech. It comes with multiple auxiliary inputs and outputs. Most often used on 6 cyl and 3 rotor applications but also can be configured for 4 cyl vehicles.

X4 and X6 Ignition Module Boxes

The X4 and X6 Ignition Module Boxes are used in direct fire applications. The X4 has 4 channel output (4 cyl outputs) and X6 has 6 outputs. These are used in conjunction with LT8S, LT10S and LT12S ECU's. We have chosen to now run external boxes rather than internal igniters as we once did, enabling us to run more advanced hardware on the boards to cope with our new IGBT Ignition boost function which is available on LT10S and LT12S ECU's as a standard feature.

Microtech Turbo Timer

The MicroTech turbo timer protects your turbocharger by keeping the engine running for a short period of time after the ignition has been switched off, giving the turbocharger time to cool down with a supply of fresh oil until temperatures have stabilised, thus preventing expensive damage.

Microtech Software and Laptop Adaptor

The The laptop adapter must be used when communicating with the Microtech engine management systems via a laptop. The MicroTech Laptop adapter can be used at either end of the COM cable. The Adapter holds 4 memcals’s or programs internally just like the hand controller. The laptop software may be distributed freely and is now designed to work on all Windows platforms from Win95 up to XP.

Microtech Programming Handset

The The Handset allows users to program the Microtech ECU without needing a laptop. The Handset comes with a cable and does not require the Microtech laptop adapter to function. The Handset holds 4 memcals or programs on board which are easily saved and loaded.

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