LSX Power-ups

Basic package

Consisting of OTR Intake, custom mafless tune and full exhaust. This package has proven to be very popular as it offers excellent performance gains and great value for money with no effect to drivability and slightly better all round fuel economy. Time and time again we have seen 12 second passes on the ¼ mile and results 240-270rwkw depending on model of vehicle and type of transmission.

Cam Packages

Package includes: Custom cam shaft, (cam specs depend on customers individual requirements), Valve springs (matched to specifications of cam shaft), Underdriven harmonic balancer, Belts, Idler pulley, crank seal, associated gaskets and coolant change.

Head and Camshaft Package

As above including the addition of cnc ported cylinder heads (exchange) and head gaskets to suit application. Options include: Double row timing chain, chromolly pushrods, retainers, ARP Head stud kit.

Forced Induction

Castle Hill Performance are forced induction specialists, we can offer off the shelf turbo kits, Harrop and Magnuson superchargers.

For the more extreme applications we can custom fabricate complete turbo systems.

Tuning Options

Several options are available: Maf tune, Mafless tune, Mafless tune with OTR intake, and 2 bar custom tune.

Over the Radiator Intakes (OTR)

Castle Hill Performance offer hand made TIG welded OTR intakes. These intakes offer zero power loss when the bonnet is shut and are not prone to breaking or cracking due to alloy construction.

In addition to our own OTR intakes, we also stock and have available all the popular brand of OTR intakes which are on the market.

Differential Upgrade

Upgrade diff gear ratio to 3.46, 3.73 or 3.91 gears. Pricing depends on the condition of your current diff center.

Braided Lines

Vt-VZ braided clutch lines and remote bleed lines available.