Alloytec/SIDI V6

Castle Hill Performance are now able to tune every V6 Alloytec engine, including the previously untunable 08-09-10 models, this includes the SIDI engines!

Castle Hill Performance Centre are leading the way with Alloytec V6 power up packages.

Starting with a basic tune on a 170kw motor you will gain ~20rwhp with no other modifications. The biggest gain with this is the extra power you get in the low and mid range areas. In some cases you will gain approximately 25rwhp and 175Lb of torque at 2500rpm where you need it most, Combine this tune with an exhaust package you will pick up between 30 and 40rwhp!!!

If you have the 190kw motor your gains are very similar to the 170kw motor. A typical exhaust, CAI and tune setup on a 190kw motor will go from around 185rwhp to over 220rwhp! That’s more power than a factory 355 stroker HSV had back in the late 90’s!

Each tune is customized to suit your car. This is not just a simple flash tune like some other people are offering. Each tune takes around 4-5 hours to complete on our in-house Dyno Dynamics Dyno to ensure you get the maximum performance from your car.

This is the gain from a VZ Commodore 170kw motor, on 91 octane unleaded, stock intake and exhaust setup:

VZ Commodore 170kw motor dyno results

This is the gains from a VZ Commodore SV6 190kw motor, 98 octane unleaded, full exhaust and Cold Air Intake:

VZ Commodore SV6 190kw motor dyno results

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