Dyno Tuning

Castle Hill Performance Centre can tune your car to your requirements. Whether it is for a race car or a street car, we can ensure that your ECU will do what you need it to. All dyno tuning is done on an AWD Dyno Dynamics dyno.

We also offer LS1 edit for all '99-'05 Gen III 5.7L Commodores and Monaros and BA edit for all BA falcons, including XR6, XR6T and XR8. With these packages we can fine tune your Holden or Ford to suit the modifications that you have done. We can also change your automatic transmission shifting patterns to firm up the shifts! No re-wiring is required to do this and the ECU can be returned to standard when required.

We also offer performance diesel tuning on various models as well as various diesel chips depending on make and model of vehicle.

Castle Hill Performance is equipt to tune factory ecus on various late model Japanese vehicles including SUBARU WRX, MITSUBISHI EVOs, and most of the MAZDA range including SP models, RX8 and MPS models. We also offer both SCT and Diablo on the Chrysler vehicles, both options do work very well enabling the factory ECU to be accessed and custom tuned, between SCT and diablo we have 99% of the Chrysler range supported.

We are able to tune the following ECUs:

  • Microtech (digi to current versions)
  • Power FC using laptop software NOT hand controller
  • Motec
  • Autronic
  • Vipec
  • Nistune
  • EMS
  • WOLF
  • Haltech
  • TSI
  • Perfect Power
  • Factory Holden 1999 to current GEN 3 & 4 V8’s (5.7 and 6L)
  • Factory Ford BA to Current, including XR6, XR6T and XR8

Contact us for more information on pricing.